The Soulƒood is an innovative new platform promoting and showcasing the work of talented artists to private collectors, designers and architects launched by Kathleen in 2016. With 30 years of experience in the fine art world, Kathleen Finlay offers an intuitive approach to each project based on her experience studying fine art and working 20 years in the field of commercial photography in Toronto before moving to Paris where she spent several years building a network of artists and art collectors. After her return to Canada in 2016, she launched The Soulƒood.

A consummate organizer with a keen eye for recognizing modern yet timeless pieces, Kathleen works tirelessly to create a flowing collection under tight deadlines. For each project, she carefully selects artwork that will fit into the overall concept, manage the project from the initial proposal to its final destination while respectful of any budget.

Kathleen's goal is to facilitate the meeting between the creator and the collector.

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