Since 1992, Kathleen Finlay has exhibited her fine art photography in Canada, France and Internationally in several solo exhibitions. Kathleen showed her work exclusively at Gallery One in Toronto for several years. Kathleen’s multi media project Starfall was exhibited at La Tohu in Montreal, Habourfront Centre in Toronto and published by Red Deer Press in 2011. She exhibited Les Vanitas in Paris in 2015 and the last series, Les Oniriques was exhibited in 2018 in Hudson, Québec. Kathleen Finlay's latest work explores the purity in nature contrasting with human interaction and man made structures. She is fascinated with symbols that remind us that life is fleeting and transient. The austerity of her landscapes are dotted with traces of our passage and illustrate the idea that nature is immense and that our part in it is ultimately insignificant.

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