Painting Series

Kathleen Finlay’s paintings explore the purity of nature contrasting with human interaction and man-made structures. Kathleen weaves a narrative between the past and the present, zooming in and out on the world with a photographic eye. Seeking refuge through a muted and restrained palate, she is fascinated with symbols that remind us that life is fleeting and transient. Her paintings explore architectural, linear and geometric patterns both human-made and observed in the natural world.

Photo Exhibitions

Kathleen Finlay’s first exhibition in Toronto in 1998, Travelogue featured hand printed, toned, black and white silver prints. Her latest series, Les Oniriques features large scale digital color prints. In a photographic career spanning 35+ years, an underlying theme may not seem obvious but certain elements appear time and time again: a quest for beauty outside of the mundane, a desire to create her own magical narrative and a deep reverence for the natural world.

Photo Essays

Invisible social barriers are broken when Kathleen connects with her subject through the camera. A bond and a trust are established in the precious moments she is given access into their world. The goal is always to tell a story, to weave a narrative using visual vocabulary. Always fascinated by persons and how the space they inhabit reveals so much about them, she shares a special bond with creative people.

Curation - The Soulfood, Artist Residences, Art Consulting

Since 2018 , Kathleen Finlay has organized multiple curated exhibition events in several Canadian cities, offering an alternative exhibition platform to established and emerging visual artists invited to participate. Additionally, she organized a residence for several visual artists at the internationally celebrated  circus creative center Les 7 Doigts in Montreal as well as managing private and corporate art consulting projects in Canada and the US.  

The Soulfood's goal is to create site-specific events with collections that encourage interactions between artists and collectors in a growing network of communities.


Being creative is a life source for Kathleen Finlay. She studied fine arts, has worked as a commercial photographer and has exhibited her fine art work in Canadian and international galleries.  Her desire to connect the work of talented artists with collectors  led to the creation of The Soulƒood in 2018. In recent years, Kathleen has returned to painting, while continuing her photography work. 

Kathleen is represented in Montreal by Galerie Blanche and Dimensions in Toronto. Please contact her to discuss your project or to inquire about collecting her work.

Montreal/Toronto  438 503 6400

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